Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Money making with pay per click website

Money making with pay per click website

 One of the best ways for publishers to actually make money from advertising on their site is to use the Pay Per Click (PPC) system. In a PPC network, the publisher is paired with an advertiser that is appropriate contextually with their content.

The advertisers in the network seek out keywords that reflect the content of their ads and that will get their ads the most impressions and clicks or don't specify keywords at all. Either way, they specify their maximum bid amount for each click, per ad or per keyword.

 The higher the bid, the more often their ads will be published on the target site. Within their bid range, they compete for keywords based on the minimum competitive bid the system tells them. The publishers are guaranteed the highest bids.

 The system pairs the ads with the right websites based on the keywords. The system works because it pairs the contextually correct ads with the publishers' content which will be most lucrative for publishers in terms of views and for advertisers in terms of clicks through and exposure.

Advertisers simply specify the words or submit the ads and the system finds the right match. There is almost no effort on the side of the advertisers or publishers. ELeavers.com will make sure that the ads on each publisher's page will get them the best and more appropriate audience for their site, at the highest rate possible.

There is no selection by the advertisers, just by the system which guarantees the highest possible rate for the publisher for every ad placed on their site based on what is contextually appropriate. Not every organization will get them the highest profits after taking their percentage, but some really make PPC worth the while of the Publisher.

ELeavers.com does guarantee the publisher 90% of the profits though, so the right PPC network can really make it a great money making deal for publishers of websites and blogs. And for the amount of work it takes to set up a free account and then just paste an HTML code into ad space, it is really worth having such a relationship.

And their advanced algorithm systems pair up the ads and the publisher within minutes, so it's also time effective. It is definitely a profitable and extremely cost effective relationship that benefits and does the work of the publisher and the advertiser while enabling the most lucrative ad placement for both.

 ELeavers.com also has an advanced security system which makes sure not only all advertisers are funded and legitimate so payment is ensured, but they verify all visitors to be unique and actual, not any type of spam or bots.

They combine a state of the art system and human component to make sure all accounts of publishers and advertisers are secure and effective at all times. So, not only are publishers ensured the highest bids possible and ads that are compatible with their content, but the bests security available and convenient 24/7 customer service.


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